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About Nick's Grill

We offer a little of every type of food from around the world, all in one place. Nick's Grill only serves the finest food to our customers in Houston, Texas

Nicks Grill Day Time Front View- 2416 Mangum Rd, Houston, TX 77092

Our Business

Stop by Nick’s Grill any time of day. You might see Nick behind the counter or even sitting down for one of his favorites snacks. Our grill in Houston, Texas opened during 2012 and we’ve been growing ever since! Ask our satisfied customers and they’ll tell you about the always hot and fresh food we serve at Nick’s Grill. Visit us and see what you like best from our food or drink menu. Our chefs can give recommendations or help with substitutions upon your request. We hope to see you soon at Nick’s Grill.

Who We Are

It has always been Nick’s dream to serve Houston, Texas with the finest foods from around the world. Nick has a true passion for cooking, world culture and his community. The best way to combine all his passions together was by opening Nick’s Grill. Our location near Hwy 290 and diverse menu was all planned by Nick himself. Every day when we open our restaurant doors, Nick’s dream is alive and well. It is our mission to keep Houston, Texas full when visiting Nick’s Grill. We also keep Houston happy with our special daiquiris and mixed drinks.

There’s not much to say because we let our food speak for itself.
But for those of you who haven’t visited us yet, come have a little taste of everything.

Don't Take Our Word For It.

Listen to what our customers are saying!